Welcome …

Current position

International Park Management Expert, Forest Programme III. AHT. Indonesia. (Intermittent short term missions.)

Specialist in Transboundary Protected Area Management. Biodiversity Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in ASEAN (BCAMP). Philippines. (In-termittent short term missions.)

Biodiversity Conservation Expert. Green Annamites Project. (Intermittent short term missions & home based.)

In addition: Member of the Board of DirectorsPeople Resources and Conservation Foundation (PRCF)


Who am I …

A consultant in forest and biodiversity conservation, protected area and bufferzone management, livelihood issues and sustainable natural resources use, with more than 24 years of experience, in progressively more responsible positions, including project management. My key qualifications include:

  • Protected area management and forest and biodiversity conservation.
  • Buffer zone management, participatory natural resource use management, and sustainable livelihood development.
  • Conservation planning, project development, program and project management.
  • Participatory approaches.

I have worked in a range of countries in South and South-East Asia, Southern Africa, Central Africa, and in the Netherlands. Work experience includes a/o the facilitation or (co-)writing of management plans for protected areas; guiding the establishment of community managed resource use systems, assessing co-management and collaborative management options, as well as adaptive management procedures; development of NTFP based sustainable livelihood both in protected areas and non-protected areas. Through the projects I have worked on or for, I am experienced in or have been exposed to a range of technical issues, including land use planning, community forestry, participatory community assessments, and others. I also have experience in policy development.

I have held project management positions in Thailand, Vietnam and Central Africa, and am experienced in all aspects of project management, including but not limited to M&E development and reporting to a range of different donor agencies; work planning, budgeting and financial management; team building and coaching; ToR development, recruiting, procurement, and tender management; implementation strategy setting; partnership development, and liaising with project stakeholders and partners.

I am interested in short term and long term assignments in South East Asia and in the African region, as well as in Western Europe. In fact, given the opportunity, I would be pleased to work in Western Europe (preferably in the Benelux or in the UK).