February 2017 – Present

Employed by

AHT, Germany


International Park Management Expert


Forest Program III




Intermittent short term missions. The objective of the project is the implementation of joint and integrated management of the Lore Lindu Landscape to support the development and implementation of biodiversity and watershed conservation within the framework of the national REDD + strategy in Central Sulawesi. The International Park Management Expert position supports the improvement of park management of Lore Lindu National Park. Four missions to date, in which the focus was on a/o:

  • Analysis of overlap between FPIII and the GEF/UNDP EPASS project
  • Contribute to formulating village selection criteria.
  • Development of a concept for species and habitat monitoring.
  • Development an outreach strategy for a pilot Resort area of Lore Lindu National Park.
  • Development of a conceptual approach to participatory planning of management of a pilot Resort area.
  • Support for improvement of the concept of patrolling jointly with communities.
  • Coordination with the National Park Management and Biodiversity Expert.